The New SAT

The content on the New SAT is very similar to that which is on the ACT. The major difference is in how the concepts are tested and the steps students will have to take to solve problems correctly. Students have to reason their way through this exam by tackling problems in a linear and sequential fashion; a student’s ability to process information quickly is key.

Changes You’ll Love Changes You Won’t Love
  • No penalty for wrong answers, so students don’t have to worry about losing points for guessing incorrectly. (Just like on the ACT.)
  • There are only 4 answer choices instead of 5.
  • Students may be more familiar with some of the vocabulary tested, but they will need to know multiple definitions of those words.
  • Sayonara, sentence completions.
  • Questions require multiple steps to get an answer.
  • The reading passages include complex structure and vocabulary.
  • Reasoning and critical thinking skills are paramount.
  • There are fewer sections on the new test, but they are longer in time than the old test.

How Should I Prep?

The SAT is still a timed, pencil-and-paper test. Speed and accuracy count. Our education team are New SAT experts. They have created world-class content for our new courses and online resources to help students navigate these changes and be prepared for their SAT test date.

We are dedicated to bringing you the very best instructions, including practice tests, flashcards, and study guides to help you prepare for and pass the test that stands between you and the rest of your life.

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